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Nyetimber Tillington 2010

This is a delightful vintage and single vineyard sparkling from Tillington in England. Nyetimber decided that vines from Tillington were of superior quality and could be bottled separately. Climate change means that the wine quality has increased in England over the last decade or so and this is a very elegant sparkling indeed with predominantly Pinot Noir and some Chardonnay. Only ca 4000 bottles have been released. Delicious clean citrus fruit with some scent of grapefruit and creamy notes. Elegant and pure complex mousse with a long finish. Nyetimber 2010 Single vineyard Tillington England £75

First day Sommelier education

On the first day we concentrated blind tasting techniques. We were served these wines without seeing the bottle and were asked to do a proper analyses in order to develop a logical answer. At each step we tried to conclude what it could potentially be or what we could exclude. The first bottle (to the left) was pale yellow gren colour indicating no or very little oak influence. This was confirmed by the zingy and zesty smell with dominant gooseberry flavours indicating a potential Sauvignon Blanc. The taste was bone dry with a pronounced acidity. Again crispy flavours indicating no oak influence. Overall quality good and most people thinking Sauvignon Blanc which also was the correct answer. The second wine had a more medium yellow colour and more tropical fruit flavours. Less acidity anymore body. The influence of oak was evident and many guessed Chardonnay from the new world. The first red reminded me of Beaujolais on the colour. Medium purple. The nose was more towards ripe re