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Chablis 2014 Laurence Tribut

Laurence Tribut makes a special basic Chablis that is more expensive than other village wines. His style is also different as the wine is matured by careful use of oak after having gone through malolactic fermentation in stainless steel tanks. He uses only the best % liquid from the pressing of the grapes. Pale straw colour with hint of green. Lovely bouquet of sitrus, apple, yeast and sea. Well balanced creamy taste with great structure and acidity. This must be one of the best basic Chablis that exist! Chablis 2014 Laurence Tribut Ca 290 NOK or 20€

Mercurey 2017 Juillot

White Burgundies are everyone favourite at my wine courses and finding the right one can be a challenge due to high prices and the chaotic world of terroir and "managers". Mercurey is not the most famous village wines but is good value for money when you have a good manager like Michel Juillot. Packed with lime, butter, ripe apple and herbs. Full bodied taste and lovely acidity. Refreshing aftertaste with some minerality. Mercurey 2017 Domaine Michel Juillot Ca 20€ or 270 NOK

Malbec by Colome Estate

Malbec is a grape that used to be grown in Bordeaux. It is still used in southern France but it has sort of immigrated to Argentine where it is truly blossoming. The Hess Family who runs the Colome estate has developed a full bodied, dense and beautiful Malbec. The grapes are grown in high altitude in the Salta region. And when we talk about high altitude it is really high: between 2100 to stunning 3100m altitude. The wine is consequently of outstanding quality and a price of 250 NOK or around 20usd is well worth spending on this elegant wine. Dark purple colour. Lots of brambles, dark fruit, liquorice and spice on the nose. Massive taste, but very fruity and smooth tannins. A long and elegant finish. And what glass to use? We tried Riedel Cab Sauv and Syrah/Shiraz glasses and found the Syrah glass to work best. Malbec Colome Estate 2016 Calchaqui Valley Salta region, Argentine Ca 250 NOKor 20usd