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Beaune 1er cru vs Pinot from California

Two wines by Montille from Beaune, both 2009, which was compared to the ones by Albert Morot and also a Pinot Noir by Copain from California. Beaune 1er cru Les Perrieres 2009 Montille This is a very elegant wine with lots of direct red fruit and minerality. A bit smoky but oh so delicious on the nose. Elegant aftertaste with firm taste that is balancing perfect in the mouth. Beaune 1er cru Les Greves 2009 Montille Yet another lovely wine from Beaune.Lots of minerality and delicious red fruit. More body than the Perrieres and a super nice balance and acidity. Lots of power and energy inthis wine. Super super nice. Copain Kiser En Bas 2009 Anderson Valley This is a slightly sweeter Pinot but without being too sweet. Very friendly style and super easy to drink. Velvet. Dark cherries of the gracious kind. A lovely lovely wine.

Beaune 1er cru by Morot

Three different Burgundies from Beaune taste3d in one go. All by Albert Morot. Two being the same premier cru but different vintages and then two the same year but two different premier crus. Beaune 1 er cru Cent Vignes 2007 Medium red colour. Lots of red berries with some chocolate on the nose. A bit earthy and slight sweet nose. Great balanse and fruit but perhaps a bit thin towards the end in the aftertaste indicating that age has taken it's toll. Beaune 1 er cru Cent Vignes 2009 More dark fruit, chocolate and perfume of flowers, spice and cherries. Big solid taste with smooth and firm tannins. A bit of cherrystones which indicate that it requires more time. A truly lovely wine and vintage , but be patient. Beaune 1 er cru Les Toussaints 2009 So this is the plot just beside Cent Vignes and also the same year and same producer. Much more heavy components on the nose and aromas towards figue, plum, vanilla and dark fruit. Much bigger taste and more masculin in style

Deidesheimer Reiss Riesling Spatlese 1959, Pfalz by Dr.Burklin Wolf

What an exciting wine? More than 50 years old! Omg... The colour of this wine was more sherry like coloured with a pale rim. The smell was a bit caramelised with buttery overtones. Overall still a very nice balanced wine with a pronounced acodity. Somewhat old in style with tones of sherry. A great experience. Deidesheimer Reiss Riesling Spatlese 1959 Pfalz Dr.Burklin Wolf

Barbera d'Asti "I Bricci" by Scarpa

Scarpa is one of the top producers in Piemonte and this Barbera that he makes is one of the most complex Barbera that exists.  Barbera is a juicy and not very complicated wine that is perfect for every day consumption as well as a lunch wine.  The wine has a dark cherry  like colour with a nose of plum, red fruit and hint of chocolate. The taste is full bodied with ripe tannins and a very nice balance.  It is perhaps a bit low in acidity but that can just be a vintage variation. Try with with pasta, cheese and tapas.

Bernkasteler Riesling Auslese by Robert Schmitz Herges - Mosel

I had the pleasure of trying these two Rieslings from Mosel in germany the other day at a special winetasting. The 2010 was a bit young and undeveloped of course. Pale straw colur and a ecent nose of apricot, tropical fruit, peach and slight hint of petroleum. The taste was quite elegant with nice ripe fruit and medium acidity and length. The sweetness of the wine was perhaps too pronounced as I had expected some more acidity. 2010 however was a warm year throughout Europe and might have influenced just that. Bernkasteler Riesling Auslese 2010 Robert Schmitz Herges Mosel The 1976 of the same producer was an exciting connection. The color was medium yellow and the nose was filled with light petroleum, sherry like notes, dried fruit and cinnamon?... A very good taste for being such an old wine with lots acidity.The sweetness of the wine had nearly disappeared as it felt less sweet in the mouth. Very good balance and drinking really well now. Bernkasteler Riesling Au

Barockhaus Riesling 2013 Mosel

I had this Riesling the other day as an aperitif and with a special starter with lots of cream. Riesling from Mosel has a very distinct acidity and it was the same with this as well. Very refreshing wine with a lovely fruit and balance. The acidity provides energy and life to the wine which makes it really delicious to drink.

Markus Molitor Riesling, 2013, Mosel

This is just a brilliant Riesling for only 170 NOK (or 8€). Medium pale straw colour. Nice aroma of apples, a bit of sitrus and flowers and a decent minerality. The taste is refreshing and deliacte with a medium long aftertaste. Not bad at all. Markus Molitor  Riesling Zeltinger Trocken 2013 Mosel

Izadi Reserva 2010

This is a very decent red from Rioja based upon 100% Tempranillo. Deep dark red colour and a nice aroma of red fruit with spicy undertones and some oak. Well balanced taste with lots of fruit to cover the smooth tannins. Try with red meat or cheese. Izadi Reserva 2010 Rioja 150 NOK or 10€

St.Aubin 1 er cru Les Combes 2006

Went to London the other day and my favourite wine bar in Marylebone road called 28-50. There they have a normal wine list and a "special" one. I found this St.Aubin by Morey-Blanc in the special list and it was nicely priced as well.  The smell was just gourgeous with delicate lime, butter, minerals and spices. The taste was equally good with an enormous depth, balance and acidity. Stunning stuff and d rinking ever so well right now. Saint-Aubin 1er cru Les Combes 2006 Morey-Blanc

Informal 2013 - sparkling Portugal

This is a sparkling wine from Portugal made by the innovative Luis Pato. It's made from 100% Baga with the second fermentaion in the bottle. Pale pink colour with small bubbles. Nice smell of raspeberries and some smoke. The taste is refreshing with a marked acidity and raspberries and redcurrant flavours. Goes well as an aperitif or with crab or pork.  Informal 2013 Portugal Luis Pato Ca 160 NOk or 8€