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Bussola Valpolicella 2013

This is a very good "Valpo" based upon the Corvina grape. At 189 kr or just 12€ it's a pure bargain. Beautiful medium dark red colour with a slight red brown rim. Medium + intensity on the nose with dark fruit, coffee, plum leather and sweet cherries. Lovely stuff! Full-bodied wine with medium acidity and soft smooth tannins. The first time I tried this was in Verona with a friend of mine and  I asked the waiter if he had an example of how a good "Valpo" could be. He came with this one and on the sommelier education this March I failed miserably when I got it in a blind tasting.... Bussola Valpolicella 2014 Ca 12€ A pure bargain !

Ojai Pinot Noir 2014

The name of this wine is pronounced similar to the "ujjayi" breathing technique in yoga. And both have a soothing effect on the stress level in your body. Both can be used for meditative purposes. Quite a pale reddish colour with a delightful nose of ripe red fruit, plum and spices. The taste is wonderfully soft and balanced with easy going tannins and sweet red fruit. Typical meditation wine! If food is required try with game. Ojai vineyard Pinot Noir 2014 Kessler-Haak Sta. Rita Hills Ca 30$r 340 kr