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Cos d'Estournel 2004 St.Estephe

This wine is regarded as one of the top 6 in Medoc. It's not one of the Premier Grand Cru Classee, but in terms of quality it has over the last decade been regarded as one of the top 6. I found a bottle of the 2004 at Auchan for around 70€, very pricy but not bad considering the price level of the Margaux, Lafite etc. The chateau is located in St.Estephe but is practically a neighbour to Lafite Rotschild in Paulliac. Its way too early to drink a bottle of 2004 now, as the aging potential of this wine is 10 to 30 years, but the quality at this stage could be compared to other Bordeaux wines from the same vintage. The colour was fantastic ruby deep coloured. The boquet was somewhat closed even 4 hours in carafe with cedar, liquirice and bramble. The taste was however fantastic with a firm full compact solid body and a very long aftertaste. The tannins were soft thanks to the 40% Merlot in the wine. A very very good wine, but is it worth 70€ ? I believe not, I rather buy two bottle

Thanks God Its Friday

To enjoy the end of a tough week we spent lunch down at Neuilly today. French local farm food with local wine. Who knows anything about red wine from Marcillac? Well we had a go at it; beautiful nice blue red colour, great legs, discrete smell of wet woolen socks flavoured with some raspberries and a well balanced taste (although on the short side). Overall a wine that resemble wines from Loire like Saumur Champigny or Sancerre, lacking some depth, volume and finesse but drinking nicely with the local food. Around 15 point score I would say. The grape is something called Mansois which I have never heard about before, but in the red shaly limestone soil in the steep hills in the Aveyron district it has found its place. I might even try it again as it was only 20€ for a bottle at the restaurant.....!

Domaine Chevalier 2004 -red

One of my favourites, found the 2004 vintage for 25€ at Auchan this week. 2004 is perhaps not a great year, but that does not mean that the wine is bad. In fact we have tasted many 2004 and they drink very well indeed, the big difference with the 2003 and 2005 is perhaps that the 2004 may not have the same storage potential. Anyway the 2004 Chevalier was very different from other Chevalier we have tasted before. It was more closed and perhaps more complex on the nose with  warm spicy fruit. On the palate it was firm and fruity with a creamy texture and very good length. They just dont make bad wines at this chateau! It is a very nice bottle of wine and t 25€ its worth every centimes... Score ca 17

Wine from Marocco, Tandem

The temperatures in Paris are low, nearly minus 10c the whole first week back at work. To heat up we tried a bottle of a Syrah from Marocco made by the Rhone producer Alain Graillot. An unusual experience, but strong solid fullbodied spicy wine full of pepper and dark fruits. Great stuff with a solid long fruity taste as well. The colour was as you may think dense ruby red >> wonderful.  A great surprise at 13€ a bottle. The wine comes from the Domaine Ouled Thaleb where its very hot during day and cold at night. Soil is alluvium/limestone and the vines are grown organically.