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La Morra, Piemonte

Arrived in Piemonte today from Antibes. We should have stayed at the Corte Gondina hotel, but a hick up with the booking meant that we diverted to the La Spiga down the hill from La Morra. A late lunch on the covered terrace with a beautiful Dolcetto d'Alba by the local producer Voerzio was followed by a few lazy hours by the pool overlooking the hillsides. A very quiet and relaxing place. Now we just need to find a proper restaurant or we could just go downstairs and check out the superb wine list...?   La Spiga Albergo Ristorante - Hotel - Restaurant - Cherasco La Morra

Ch Mouresse 2010 Rose

This is a lovely Rose wine with a juicy and perfectly balanced taste. The color scheme is more Tuscany colored inspired as it is more towards orange brown or burnt Sienna. Purchasing this wine will set you back 10€ at the local Casino super market. Ch. Mouresse 2010 "L'Excellence" Cotes de Provence Perfect for the terrace on its own...

Dolcetto d'Alba Coste Fossati

There is nothing like a cold Dolcetto when you are on summer holiday somewhere warm. Beautiful purple colour and lovely smell of dark cherries and beetroot. Succulent and well balanced taste. Vajra makes one of the best Dolcettos around by mixing the grapes from the two vineyards Coste & Fossati near Barolo. Dolcetto d'Alba Coste Fossati 2008, Vajra To be drunk young and kept in the fridge.

St. Joseph 2006 Cuilleron

Saint-Joseph appelation stretches from Tain and up to Condrieu. Quite a long stretch but the wines have increased in quality over the years. Cuilleron is one of the top producers leading the pack. This is one is just filled with brambles, dark fruit and lots of lovely smooth tannins. Great stuff and perfect with all kind of meat. Saint-Joseph 2006 "Les Lerines"  by Cuilleron Bring on the BBQ...

1990 Riesling from Rheingau

Got this at a wine tasting back in May. Still going strong with lovely petroleum smell although 22 years old. Impressive balanced taste as well. Riesling 1990, Rheingau Can keep very very long

Cheval Blanc 1995

Shared a bottle the Cheval Blanc 1995 in a Oslo restaurant some time back with a good friend of mine. I have not tried Cheval Blanc since I first went to a wine tasting in 1985 and what an experience it was. The price at the restaurant was in fact cheaper than the purchase price in France or UK and was as such a real bargain (but of course not inexpensive...) Main grapes are Merlot and Cabernet Franc which creates an extraordinary wine. Complex aromas of plum, blackberries, mulberries and cedar. The oak, tannins and acidity was perfectly integrated with a full bodied taste. The wine could still be kept and as there were still a few bottles left of this wine at the resto, I am sure I will be back at there when I have enough money on my account... Cheval Blanc 1995, St.Emilion Because you worth it....

Billecart Salmon Champagne

Holiday times and why not for Champagne for lunch? Champagne is drinkable most times of the day and perfect for nice sunny lunches. You can just sleep it off by the pool... Billecart-Salmon is one my favorite Champagne houses and is one of the few remaining houses still to be owned by the founding family (founded in 1818). This is definitely a cheer me up Champagne. Perfect bubbles and slim mineral elegant taste. It is also an unusual mix of Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier. Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve, Champagne Lively, elegant, designed to cheer u up, 32€

Wine # 1 Blindtasting Stokka June 2012

It's time for blind tasting and on wine number one the panel is in complete wilderness. Dark colored wine with purple rim, dark berries on the nose with a sweet smell and taste. Kind of jammy wine. New world wine? Sean Minor 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon from Paso Robles Ca 16€ and a score of 15.80

Wine # 2 Blindtasting Stokka June 2012

Wine two was very similar to wine number one. Lots of sweet flavors so it gotta be the new world! Deep dark red purple color. Mint and sweet dark berries. California? Quite a big wine with elegant tannins. Lopez Cristobal 2009 , Ribera del Duero Score 17.10 and ca 20€

Wine # 3 Stokka Blindtasting June 2012

When did you last make a mistake between Bordeaux and Burgundy? Well not at lunch but during this blind tasting yes! The wine had wonderful Bordeaux flavors without pencil case and lots of nice tannins. So it turned out to be a Premier Cu Chambolle Musigny which I have in my own cellar, so what? Shit happens. Chambolle Musigny 1er cru "Les Charmes" 2004 Ca 600 NOK or 40€, Score ├ža 18.00

Wine # 4 Stokka Blindtasting June 2012

Ok so wine for has pencil case and wonderful dark berries. Get on with it we are in Bordeaux. Some advanced sole even claimed it could be Margaux... Lovely stuff! Ch Palmer 2008, Margaux Score 19.00 ca 40€ well worth every penny

Jakkalsfontein 2004 Shiraz by Fairview

This is just a shockingly good Shiraz from South Africa! Fairview has fair number of wines but their special selection which this one comes from is just wonderful. Packed with dark fruit and peppery undertones and a striking complex and wonderfully balanced taste. It just takes your breath away and when you realize that it cost around 20-25€ you wonder why you don't live down there as well. Great stuff! Fairview Jakkalsfontein 2004 Shiraz by Fairview Takes your breath away..

Condrieu 2008 by Stephane

Yet another Condrieu from the granite slopes in the upper Rhone valley. This time the producer is Domaine Stephane, recommended by a wine shop in Neuilly, Paris. Golden color reflecting the oak, with lots of elderberries on the nose. Delicate "fat" fruity taste with perfect balance. A bit pricy but hey expensive Condrieu is also interesting to taste! Condrieu 2008, Domaine Stephane "La Roncharde" Big and expensive , 60€

Saint Joseph 2009

Yet another St Joseph and this time while on a boat on the river in Lyon. Rhone? Same thing as the other one, spicy red fruit and a very approachable taste. Great stuff, but perhaps slightly less exciting than the other one. St.Joseph 2009, Domaine Boissonnet Definitely an appellation on the way up...

St Joseph 2010

Spent a couple of days in the gastronomic city of Lyon some time back. Unfortunately the wine we got was on up to it so we decided to splash out some money on a St.Joseph. Well worth the money! Packed with lovely brambles and pepper. Fruity and big lovely taste! Ah so there is hope even in Lyon.... Saint Joseph 2010 "Ro-Ree" Lots of good stuff from this region...

Beaune 1st cru Teurons 2005

This is a delightful smooth and silky red Burgundy from a plot just outside Beaune. 2005 is a great year and Domaine Rossignol-Trapet makes Beaune wines with lots of sweet fruit and a full bodied taste. Beaune 1er cru "Teurons" 2005, Rossignol-Trapet A serious red Burgundy, 25€

Condrieu by Gangloff

This is a top top Condrieu.  Rich beyond the wildest dreams and a ripe and fine textured fruit.  This is a full bodied dry white with wonderful tailored finish. Not to talk about an amazing 15% alcohol .. Condrieu 2008 by Gangloff Amazing stuff and price (60£).

Moet Chandon 2002

Found this Champagne at the tax-free shop. Vintage Champagne are normally more expensive than the blends and often offer a better value as well. This one had nice delicate bubbles and light refreshing taste. Very attractive Champagne indeed. Moet Chandon 2002, ca 50€ 

Sancerre Rose 2011 by Saget

It's summer, even in Norway. Time for rose! The Saget white Sancerre is not very impressive but his Sancerre Rose is quite all right and reasonable as well. Smoked salmon colour, nice smell of strawberries and red fruit and light refreshing taste. 100% Pinot Noir has been used for this wine. Sancerre Rose 2011, Guy Saget. Ca 110 NOK (tax free) or 7€.  It's finally summer (holiday)!!!

Condrieu 2009 Ogier

Condrieu! Condrieu! Is there a more delicious and sumptuous white wine? Pale golden colour with an elegant smell of peach, honeysuckle, lychee and whatever else exotic fruits your can imagine. The taste is just perfect with the big fat Condrieu taste but enough acidity and minerals to just die for another sip and another sip. And whoops, the bottle is empty.. Oh my God is it Friday soon? Condrieu 2009 by Ogier "Les Combe de Malleval",  33£ at BBR London

Vougeot 2007 White

Visited the wine shop of Berry Brothers & Rudd last time while in London. Vougeot is well known for their astonishing red wines but there is also a small patch of land where they grow Chardonnay. Lovely pale yellow colour and a smell of delicate lime and butter. Long lively dry taste which is perfectly balanced. Great stuff! Vougeot 1 er cru , Le Clos Blanc de Vougeot 2007. Domaine de la Vougeraie. Ca 69£. Worth every penny

1995 Champagne

Visited a small bar called "Flute" last time when in Paris. There they had lots of different Champagnes by the glass. This is one by Charles Heidsieck was especially good, a 1995 vintage still drinking wonderfully well. Just made from Chardonnay grape, gourgeous balanced taste. Charles Heidsieck 1995, Champagne Because you worth it! Flute Paris Bar & Lounge