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Cote Rotie 2010- Jean Michel Stephan

Halloween wine from the upper parts of Rhone, Cote Rotie. Immediate impression of the wine is that it is too peppery but the wine opens after some time, although the peppery overtones are still there and quite dominant. Lots of fruit and a overall balanced taste. The wine also improves with food. Perfect with game but quite a change in perception of the wine after some time in the carafe. Cote Rotie 2010, Jean-Michel Stephan Scorpions - " Wind of Change"

Ayala Champagne at La Forge

Found this Champagne at the "La Forge" restaurant in Antibes. Although Brut it is Pinot Noir dominated which makes it perfect with food, so instead of a coupe de Champagne we just went for the whole bottle. Lovely acidity and fruity taste. Perfect the whole evening both with starters and main course. Ayala Brut Majeur, Ca 330 NOK or 25€ (shop) Good choice..

Morey St. Denis 1er cru 2006

This bottle was opened after a horrible day at work some time ago. Getting two majors with their different bosses to agree a press release was a bit like making pigs fly. The day became wonderfully better when this delicious red Burgundy by Arlaud was poured into the glass. Morey-St-Denis 1er cru from the plot "Aux Cheseaux" is a wonderful wine with a stunning perfume of flowers and red sweet berries. The taste is just pure velvet, nothing more nothing less. 50€ or 440 NOK. Morey-St Denis 1er cru "Aux Cheseaux" 2006, Arlaud a-Ha "Velvet" from Minor Earth Major Sky

Nuits St George 2010 by Potel

Found this bottle at the local supermarket in Antibes. Potel is a very reliable red wine producer in Burgundy and Nuits St George is very good appelation. The price is 20€ and 2010 is a very good vintage. So the wine should be splendid..! And it was. Slick dark fruit with lots of acidity so typical for Potel. Firm smooth tannins and a decent long aftertaste. Goes with white meat and veal. Nuits St George 2010, Nicolas Potel Difficult to go wrong here...

Chateauneuf du Pape 2009 Domaine Usseglio

Bought this wine from BBR in London. Totally unknown to me but Parker has apparantly given this wine 96 points which is the same as many Bordeaux wines from 2009 but at a ridiculous more expensive price. Deep dark color. Lovely smell of dark olives, pepper and brambles (all dark stuff). Very interesting nose. The taste is just enormous. Big. Full bodied. 15% alcohol. Looong. Very long aftertaste but beautifully balanced. A truly masterpiece. I need food! Lamb, duck or something from the BBQ! Chateauneuf-du Pape 2009, Domaine Usseglio Raymond Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Californication

Cote Rotie 2006 - Cuilleron

I bought this wine while visiting the producer in the Rhone valley. Dark red colour packed with spicy fruit on the nose. Big solid fruity taste and a lovely and elegant aftertaste. Goes well with game but took the confit de canard on a straight arm. Great value for money and overall a truly great wine. Ca 35€. Cote Rotie 2006 "Madiniere" Yves Cuilleron Guns N Roses: "Knocking on Heaven's Door"

Scarpa Barbaresco 2007

Scarpa is one of those great producers in Piemonte. Getting hold of one of his bottles is rarity itself and so is drinking them. This Barberesco from Tetti in Neive is one of the best I have ever tasted although it was only 5 years old when I tried it. Scarpa's Barbaresco is best drunk from 8 years old and onwards and they even have 1988 up in a restaurant in Harstad (Norway) with my name on it. Ruby red with garnet reflections and a very intense smell of oak, autumn leaves, hint of tar. In the mouth it is big and you wonder where this heading but it balances always in the right direction with firm soft tannins and a long intense and complex aftertaste. I need more of these! 460 NOK or 40€. A bargain.....

Quinta de Leda 2008, Douro Portugal

This is the flagship by Casa Ferreirinha in Portugal. A mix of the grapes Touriga Nacional and and Franca. Lovely intense dark purple colour. The smell is mixture of earthy undertones, red berries, flowers and some cigar tones. But it needs time to open up in a carafe. The taste is full bodied, long, ripe and complex. If obtainable in Norway it costs 300NOK, in UK 39£ and in Portugal 30-40€. Quinta de Leda, Douro Portuguese finesse...

Vinha Grande, Douro

This a cheap wine from the Douro valley created by Casa Ferreirinha. Deep dark purple colour with lots of dark berries and plum. Warm jammy taste with a nice acidity. Grapes are: Tinta Roriz, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Barroca, Tinta Barroca Vinha Grande 2009, Douro. 150 NOK or 10€ Very nice daily wine


This is a very reasonable Blanc de Blancs Champagne (100% Chardonnay). Pale straw color with a discrete nose of lime, apples and wet breadcrumbs. The taste is refreshing and light. Probably most suitable as an aperitif. Diebolt-Vallois, Blanc de Blancs, Champagne Ca 22€ or 260 NOK Light, refreshing and cheap!

Porcupine Ridge Syrah

South African red wines are very often very approachable and seductive. This one from Boekenhoutskloof fits the bill for those cold and wet autumn days. Bring out the steak or game. Dark berries and minerals on the nose with hints of pine. Very juicy and fruity taste, designed to make you want more! Some tannins but they are all soft and very palatable. Porcupine Ridge Syrah 2009, South Africa, NOK145

Albarino by Pazo Senorans

TGIF and still warm down in Europe... Albarino is white grape in a wine district called Rias Baixas in Spain just north of Portugal. It's a very fruity wine with a smell towards green apples. The taste is quite refreshing with a very kind acidity and an appealing long aftertaste. Goes well with white fish and salads. Albarino by Pazo Senorans, Rias Baixas Like a mix between Riesling and Chablis

Les Becasses Cote Rotie 2005

This is also 100% Syrah but from up the valley, in fact at the very top of the Rhone valley. This is a more sophisticated (and pricy) Syrah than Crozes Hermitage and St.Jospeh but would still go with the same sort of food. Normally this can be stored for quite some time but this 2005 "les Bescasses" from Chapoutier is peaking right now and will not improve by further storage. A bit surprising Bordeaux like characeter on the nose with old dusty cellar and ripe red fruit. The taste is pure velvet and very elegant with a perfect balance. Les Bescasses 2010, Cote Rotie by Chapoutier

Dom les Hauts Chassis 2010, Saint Joseph

If you buy a St.Joseph then think dark dark wine packed with fruit and a spicy bouquet. This 2010 is just what you seek in a St.Joseph. Deep dark purple color with a nose filled with black berries and pepper (it is after all 100% Syrah). In the mouth it's big and fruity with a lovely soft  tannic taste. This is not a wimpy wine. Bring out a steak or some game. Magret de canard with pepper sauce would be perfect. Domaine les Hauts Chassis 2010, St.Joseph Ca 15-25€ pending on country

Jules Bonnet Champagne

This a Champagne made from Pinot Noir and it's thus called Blanc de Noirs. Small bubbles and a more interesting taste than smell. Not the most impressive Champagne I have had lately, but it was interesting to try a Champagne made only from a black grape. Ca 20€ or 240 NOK

Damilano - Lange Arneis 2011

Innocuous seems to be right word for this wine. A dry white perfect as a starter for those long hot summer lunches. Pale yellow green colour and a crispy finish. White fish and salad. Below 10€. Langhe Arneis - 2010, Damiliano, Piemonte

Domaine d'Andezon 2010

This is a very nice and also reasonable wine. Can't go wrong then? 100% unfiltered Syrah from the southern Rhone. Just a perfect cabin wine. Dark berries and dark fruit is just asking you to bring out the BBQ and steak. Domaine d'Andezon 2010, Cote du Rhone Ca 130 NOK or 6€