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Occhipinti SP68, Sicily

This is a wine from Sicily and is a mix of the two local grapes called Nero d'Avola and Frappato. When I drink this one it makes me think of freshly made redcurrant juice. It's packed with red fruit elements like red cherries, strawberries, raspberries and also redcurrant. The taste is very fresh and juicy, nearly a bit "raw". Nicely balanced acidity. Should go well with chicken, veal and pork. SP 68 by Occhipinti, 2012 Sicily, Ca 190 NOK or 15€

Meursault 2002 Ente

Enjoyed this emminent Meursault from 2002 in the garden last Sunday while most people were busy watching Robbie Williams. A surprising medium deep yellow colour and a highly pleasing smell of citrus, butter and lime. Delightful light and dry taste with a lovely balance and great minerality. The wine needs time to open in the glass and this 2002 is a drinking superbly right now. Meursault 2002 by Ente Ca 40£ Unfortunately the last bottle....  

Chambolle Musigny Les Fremieres 2009

This one belongs to the more demanding type of Burgundy reds, firm with an apparent acidity that balances perfectly in your mouth. Medium purple colour and with a nose more towards dark fruit then  raspberries or strawberries. A pleasant mouthful that needs time to smoothen. Firm but soft tannins and a nicely tuned acidity. A demanding Burgundy that requires more time (give it another 5 years). A very good wine but not memorable. Chambolle-Musigny 2010 "Les Fremieres" Digioia-Royer High price

Chassagne-Montrachet 2010 by Blain-Gagnard

There is something about white Burgundy and the sea in Norway. On a warm sunny day close to the fjords, white Burgundy seems to be a must. A big Burgundy glass with a small high quality volume of a straw yellow wine swirling around in the glass letting off aromas like butter, lime and minerals. You take a sip and experience a big dry taste which is quite solid and a bit "waxy" and you think what a wonderful wine and day! Not bad but not cheap.... Chassagne-Montrachet 2010 Blain-Gagnard

Champagne Clouet

It's second half of August, but it is still nice and warm. Time to round off a week's work with some Champagne down by the sea. This Champagne by Andre Clouet is made from 100% Pinot Noir and has not seen any oak. It is fresh and crispy with a smell of red apples and some citrus. A nice mouthful and perfect as an aperitif. Andre Clouet  Champagne Ca 270 NOK or 20€ Crispy light with some minerality..

Fugue de Nenin

Produced by Ch.Nenin in Pomerol this is quite a decent and reasonable red from this area. Pomerols below 25€ are very hard to find but this is one of them. Deep purple colour. Dark fruit, plum, vanilla and chocolate on the nose. The taste is subtle, medium body with nicely balnced fruit, acidity and tannins. A very decent Pomerol indeed. Fugue de Nenin 2010 Pomerol, Ca 22€ Keep 3 more years before drinking it (2016)

Errazuriz Sauvignon Blanc

Zingy and zesty white wine from Chile's west coast and an area called Aconcagua Costa. This Sauvignon Blanc by Errazuriz is a dry and fruity wine perfect with seafood or it's own on the terrace. It also matches green aspargues and goats cheese. Solid bouquet of pink grapefruit, tropical fruits and hints of black currant leaves. The wine is also reasonable as the price is below 150NOK. Sauvignon Blanc, Errazuriz Aconcagua Costa

Ch. Sainte Marguerite

The top rose wine from Ch. Sainte Marguerite. Lovely medium salmon colour. Packed with red fruit on the nose and a nicely balanced fruity taste. There is a lot of nice and decent rose wines around. the quality seems to be improving every year and this one is no exception. Ch. Sainte Marguerite 2012 Cote de Provence, Ca 12€ Fresh and elegant

Chiroubles Karim Vionnet

Had a cold Beaujolais at dinner the other day at the newly opened restaurant called Nacional in Anitibes. Groovy modern restaurant and a equally groovy modern looking label on this Chiroubles. Vin de Kav has a deep purple colour with lots of delicious dark berries on the nose. Fruity well balanced taste. A decent wine but not brilliant. Chiroubles "vin de kav" 2011 Karim Vionnet

Ch. Berne 2012

This Rose has a lovely pink salmon colour. Just beautiful! On the nose lots of delicious peach and apricot. The taste is dry with a nice acidity and a good balance. For just 7€ this is a very good bottle of rose! In addition is the bottle square and quite unusual, although the bottle is slightly heavy (especially when you buy a six pack...). Great stuff from Ch Berne near Lourges. Ch. Berne 2012 Cote de Provence Ca 7€

Dolcetto d'Alba 2012 Le Coste by Chiarlo

Bought this at Palas Cerequio for 10€ and it is a delightful Dolcetto from the the plot called Le Coste. Deep purple colour and the beetroot/chocolate smell. Refreshing acidity and taste of cherries and cherry stones on the palate. A very decent Dolcetto indeed! Dolcetto d'Alba Le Coste 2012 M Chiarlo Ca 10€

Dolcetto d'Alba by Ceretto

Dolcetto is the perfect red for those hot summer lunches. It always has this beautiful deep purple colour. Absolutely lovely. The nose is often beetroot like with hints of dark cherries and chocolate. The taste is light bodied with a pronounced acidity, but dark cherry fruit and light tannins make it a very decent match with most light lunch food. Dolcetto d'Alba 2011 Ceretto, 13€ Lunch....

Gavi di Gavi

When in Barolo a bit of wine by the poolside is not unheard of. At least if lunch is approaching. I had never before tried the Cortese grape which is the main grape in Gavi di Gavi by Chiarlo. Pale lemon green colour. Discrete smell of citrus and tropical fruit. Refreshing acidity and well balanced mineral like taste. Not bad at all! Lunch soon....? Rovereto Gavi di Gavi M Chiarlo, 13€ Think citrus fruit...

Roero Arneis

Ah what a perfect lunch wine! Upon arrival in La Morra (close to Barolo) we had lunch in the shade and this lovely Arneis made by Michele Chiarlo. Having lunch and overlooking the Barolo vineyards at this super lovely hotel called Palas Cerequio while sipping a dry white by made by the owner, is just the perfect combination. Pale lime green colour, floral smell and a refreshing light dry taste. Bring on the ham! Roero Arneis 2012 M Chiarlo, Ca 10€ The perfect white when in Piedmonte