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Ch Beaucastel 1995

This is one of the most prestigous red wines from Chatauneuf-du Pape in the southern part of Rhone. In this region one can use up to 13 different grapes with Mourvedre, Cinsault, Syrah and Grenache being the most dominant grapes uitilised. The Grenache and Cinsault give the wine its colour, softness and intensity, while the Syrah and Mourvedre provides the aging potential and the dark classic character. In a Primeur tasting a couple of years ago I tried the different grapes from Ch Beaucastel before they were blended, a truly fascinating experience. The colour of the wine was ruby with bright brown red edges. The wine is packed with dried fruits, olives and some leather with a long velvety taste which is a bit on the dry side. The wine require time to open up and should in fact be opened the day before being consumed or put on carafe some 6 hours before being poured in the glass!!! Unfortunately the wine has become very expensive over the last few years and prices are now way abov

Cartuxa 2002 - Alentejo Portugal

An old favourite from Alentejo in Portugal made from local grapes like Trincadeira, Aragones, Alfrocheiro, Alicante Bouschet. The wine has a deep dark red colour with slightly red/brown rim. Complex smell of plum , spices and dark berries. The taste is well balanced with soft tannins and a good long aftertaste. Cartuxa 2002, Alentejo €20 Portuguese wine as good as it gets, ca 18,00 Cartuxa

Wine tasting Stavanger 9 June 2010

Hot summer day, first Chablis tasting and then all the below..... Life is tough but someone have to do it.... Wine # 1 Medium pale red colour with lovely smell of raspberries, flowers and wood. Elegant Pinot Noir  taste with, but slightly acidic. Smooth and fruity. Panel straight onto Pinot and Savigny les Beaune due to the apparant pale red colour and acidity. Not to far off though... Beaune 1er cru Les Teurons 2005 by Rossignol-Trapet, score ca 18   Wine #2 Deep dark red colour with brick red rim. The smell was debated at length as it seemed corked although a typical dusty Bordeaux smell was detectable. A great shame cause the wine was obviously old and the taste could have been great. Definitely Medoc. Answer to be given after third wine. Ch.Pichon-Longueville Comtesse de Lalande 1986, Paulliac No score and what a shame.. Wine # 3 Same deep dark red colour and red rim. Younger wine than above. Fantastic Medoc smell of cedar, cigars, vanilla, dark berries, pencil, just a

Volnay- Clos des Angles 2005 by Nicolas Rossignol

What can I say? Big red Burgundy , medium deep red colour with a lovely purple rim and long legs. Great elegant smell of dark berries and vanilla. Big mouthful that is balancing on a knife edge all the way through without the acidity taking over. Big structured wine with "cool" fruity taste and a long life ahead. I won't say where I got this, I need more!!! Volnay 1er cru Clos des Angles 2005 Nicolas Rossignol, NOK 380 P++ This is not wine,  this is art!!!! Nicolas Rossignol - Vins de Bourgogne - Accueil

Chablis tasting Stavanger 9 June 2010

Big Chablis tasting in Stavanger on a lovely summer day, first day with temperatures above 20c this year... Below some highlights from the many different producers present: Varoux (good value for money) Chablis 2008, 140 NOK, P++ Mineral taste with apples, great acidity and long elegant finish with mineral aftertaste. Louis Moreau (good with low oak factor) Chablis 1er cru Fourneaux 2007, NOK 247, P+ Floral and mineral smell, perfect balance and seductive taste. To be drunk young. Chablis 2008, NOK 164, P+ A very nice basic Chablis with minerals and a bit of lime. Very good value. Chablis Grand cru Les Clos 2006, NOK360, P Somewhat closed on the nose, needs time but lovely solid taste although lacks a bit acidity? Laroche (too kind?) Chablis St Martin 2007, NOK193, P Unoaked green Chablis with apples and citrus, lacking perhaps mineral, good value village wine with screwcork! Chablis 1 er cru Fourchaume 2007, NOK 289, P Partly oaked Chablis from one of the warmer 1er

Winetasting at Ramsvig

White wine tasting in idyllic Ramsvig, Sjernar√ły just 50 min with speed boat from Stavanger. Sancerre "Domaine de la Villaudiere 2009 by Jean Marc Reverdy Pale straw green colour, perfect Sauvignon Blanc smell of  green gooseberries and lime with fresh zingy dry taste. Perfect match with seafood, but also as an aperitif or with thai food. 10 to 20€ (Norway), P+ Cloudy Bay "Sauvignon Blanc" 2007 from Marlborough, New Zealand Same pale colour and also lovely zesty gooseberries with something "smoky" in the back ground. Great acidity and fruit and lovely taste, but perhaps too perfect or polished...? 25€, but worth every penny. This is a "cult" wine in certain countries but widely available in Norway...! Cloudy Bay "Chardonnay" 2007 Marlborough, New Zealand Medium yellow colour with long legs, rich buttery limy sweet tropical fruit on the nose. Perfect! Great fresh velvety dry taste with medium body. This is a really good new world C

Pol Roger - encore

After having tried the Pol Roger Brut champagne we wanted to test one step up in price and landed on the Pol Roger 2000 Brut. Very similar style as the Brut with yellow colour and a nice citrus apple bouquet. Lovely acidity and a long fruity aftertaste, perhaps surprisingly slightly acidic finish taking into account the hot vintage. Is another 10€ worth the money? Not sure. The normal Brut is a very good champagne and 2000 is perhaps a too hot vintage. Apparently the cold 2002 is going to be great.... Created from 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay Pol Roger 2000 Brut, around 40€, good value if vintage champagne is required with the foie gras Welcome - Champagne Pol Roger