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Henschke Keyneton Estate 2006 from Barossa Valley

What a super delicious Bordeaux blend from Barossa valley in Australia.  The name Henschke on a label is a mark of quality and they have gone on to become arguable Australia’s most prestigious producer.  The 2006 Euphonium, is a product of an exceptional vintage. Aromas of sweet spice, blueberry, cassis and eucalyptus leap from the glass, and on the palate there is layer upon layer of rich blackberry fruit and spice. The tannins are velvety and smooth and the finish long and hugely rewarding. Henschke Keyneton Estate Euphonium 2006 Barossa Valley, High price

Domaine des Tours 2010

This is a vin de pays wine from the Rhone region. Pale red colour and an abnormal nose which reminds me of rose water and red fruit. Very smooth velvety and silky taste. An easy drinking wine that in the taste can remind you of a Burgundy. Domaine des Tours 2010 Vin de Pays de Vaucluse Ca 20€

Champagne Blanc de Noirs by Eric Rodez

This is a Champagne made from 100% Pinot Noir, thus the name Blanc de Noirs. Pale straw yellow colour and a nose of bread, ripe red apples and citrus fruit. Fresh solid body with big fruity aftertaste. Well balanced and quite a nice minerality. Try with seafood, cheese or poultry.   


Beaujolais is a delightful light red wine that should be served slightly chilled. Perfect lunch wine or for remaining summer evenings on the terrace. The town Julienas is named after the Roman leader Julius Caesar. The wine is light well balanced with spicy red fruit and flowers on the nose.

Meursault 2012 by Meursault du Chateau

Delightful buttery Meursault by Ch de Meursault. On sale at Nicolas, down from 45 to 37€. I just love Meursault, it is such a delightful feminine white wine. Well suited for all occasions. This one has it all: lime, butter, spice and minerals A lovely wine perfect with white fish and seafood.

Meursault 2012 Les Narvaux by Colin-Morey

I found this Meursault by Colin-Morey at the wine shop the other day and what a wine! Not cheap but what a lovely wine! Great pale lemon green colour which sets the theme for the wine. Lovely smell of lime, herbs, butter and apples. Fantastic acidity, great mellow fruit, lovely balance. A very rich white wine, perfect with white fish. A great wine! Ca 50€.

Condrieu La Petite Cote 2012 by Cuilleron

Yves Cuilleron is a master in white and red wines from Rhone. This Condrieu has a massive 15% alcohol , so not really perfect as a lunch wine, but who cares when on holiday. Medium golden colour. Fantastic smell of honeysuckle, apricots and elderflower. Great big fruity taste with a long tender aftertaste. A lovely but very dense and complex wine. Ca 30€

Jacquart Rose

What a lovely Rose Champagne! Velvety red fruit and a great balance. Packed with red fruit and  a very agreeable long taste. Very easy to drink and quite reasonable priced for being a rose Champagne. Ca 31€

Auxey-Duresses 2012 by Colin-Morey

Not the most famous of the white Burgundy districts, but the producer is certainly up and coming. I have tried many of the wines made Pierre Yves Colin-Morey and I really appreciate the direct style, elegance, soft fruit and minerality in his wines. In Auxey-Duresses they grow both white and red wines, but the whites are probably best. The area is just south of Volnay (red) and north of Meursault (white). Chardonnay is thus grown on the chalky soil to the south while Pinot Noir is grown on the more mixed soil to the north. The wine is medium bodied with perfect acidity and a nose filled with butter and lime. A bit like a Saint Aubin. Deliciously fruity and lovely balance. Ca 35€

Copain Syrah 2010 Anderson Valley California

After having tried many of the Pinot Noir's from Copain, which by the way are absolutely delicious, I had big expectations for this Syrah. Perhaps too high expectations. It was good but not brilliant like the Pinot's. Dark fruit and a lovely balanced taste. Brambles and perfect acidity, but it lacked a bit of character. Too kind perhaps? Copian Syrah 2010 Baker Ranch, Anderson Valley High Price

Schafer-Frohlich Kupfergrube 2012

A great producer in Nahe with some great Rieslings focusing on the acidity and minerality. This one called Kupfergrube is a Grosse Gewachs and has it all. So approachable and drinkable. Lots of fruit. Ripe apples and citrus fruit. Wonderful acidity and great balanced aftertaste with a fantastic minerality. Truly great wine. Keep 5-10 years. Expensive, above 300 NOK or 30€

Valpolicella Classico by Bussola

No ordinary wines in Vosne Romanee a wine expert once said. He maybe right and I have always been of the opinion that there are lots of ordinary reds from Valpolicella. So when I was at Trattoria Al Pompiere in Verona in the beginning of June, I asked the waiter for a very good Valpolicella and he came up with this one by Bussola. And to be honest it was a shock. Dense red color and a super delicious nose packed with ripe red fruit,  chocolate and coffee. Omg…wonderful balanced taste as well. Shocking stuff and 40€ in the rest….

BattenfeldSpanier Frauenberg Riesling 2012

Rolls Royce Riesling fra Rheinhessen in Germany. Pale yellow green colour. Packed bouquet with pear, citrus, apple and minerals. A lovely balanced Riesling with great acidity and a wonderful minerality. Juicy and very drinkable with hints of apples and herbs. A great Riesling. Try with sushi, fish and poultry Ca 300NOK or 30€