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Clos de Vougeot 2006 - Seguin Manuel

Clos de Vougeot 2006 in a Chinese restaurant? In snowy cold windy Oslo? Everything is possible. This famous Grand Cru from Burgundy is found in a chic Chinese restaurant close to Frogner stadium where Oscar Mathiesen used to speed skate. The only problem with this famous appelation is that there are more 100 parcels of this 0,5 square km plot of land with roughly 80 producers who produce roughly 1000 bottles each. Seguin Manuel has a plot towards the bottom of the Clos (close to RN 74 to Beaune) where the soil has a higher clay content. The nose was a bit closed with heavier red berries components, but with an astonishing velvety big mouthfilling texture that just went on and on. Fantastic taste and length. Wonderful complexity with firm silky tannins. We were lost for words. And with the crispy duck it was great. Clos de Vougeot 2006 Grand cru - Seguin-Manuel, Lost for words a must! Domaine Seguin Manuel - Vins de Bourgogne

Simple wine simply

Off to snowy winterland last weekend. Had to leave the good stuff behind and look out for ordinary wines. Found a Valpolicella Classico by Tedeschi for 124 NOK (15€) which by Norwegian standard is a cheap wine. Dont dare to think how much it costs in Italy (around 5€ perhaps). Quite a nice smell of cherries with a juicy somewhat acidic taste screaming for pizza or pasta. Medium body and length, a nice cosy "cabin" wine. Valpolicella Classico Tedeschi 2007, Veneto 15€; easy to drink easy to forget

Beaune 1er cru Les Bressandes 2007 by Albert Morot

Albert Morot in Beaune is one of the best producers of Beaune 1er cru red wines. His "Les Bressandes" from 2007 has a medium red colour with lovely raspberry flavours. The wine is still young and require a couple of more years to peak, but on the palate the wine has a firm elegant attack with soft lovely tannins. The wine is smooth but lively and balances beautifully between too young to drinkable. Albert Morot charges around 25€ per bottle if bought directly from the maison. Worth a visit! Beaune 1er cru 2007 "Les Bressandes" Albert Morot   Recommended 

Barbera d'Alba 2008 by Guiseppe Rinaldi

Barbera wine is often fruit driven with good acidity and nearly no tannins. Making the wine wine a perfect match with light meat and even white fish. Rinaldi who is based in Barolo is a very traditional wine maker and is well recognised for his big sturdy Barolos although he makes small quantities of Barbera and Dolcetto. His wine need time to develop and should be drunk after som bottle ageing. Barbera should be drunk young, but when Rinaldi is the creator of the wine I am not sure. His Barbera from 2008 showed the normal gorgeous red purple colour with a smell of cherries, beetroot and leather. The taste was fullbodied and fruity but with a rather strong acidity screaming for matching food. Impossible to drink without anything to match thats for sure. Some wine critics say its one of the best Barbera that exists but I find that hard to believe due to the enormous acidity. I rather spend the same amount of money on a Barbera by Cappelano, although both of them are regarded as pr

Another day in paradise

It has been snow in Stavanger now since 18 December 2009. All the lakes are still covered with ice and snow and finally a 3km ice skating track was cleared on one of the local waters. We speed skated twice the track, not in world record standard (around 7 minutes I believe that would have been) but in our own nice manner and style. The wonderful day was rounded off with local beef and a Ch Lagrange from 1988! the cork was wet all the way through on one side , so a slight concern there, but the wine was red coloured with limited brick rim, delicate red berries and old cellar. The taste was long velvety and smooth with absolutely no tannins what so ever. Actually at peak right now, so the last two should be drunk this year to have the full effect of these wines bought back in 1991! Ch Lagrange 1988 St Julien, P+ and can be kept for 20+ years!!!! Recommeded to the list "Life Is Too Short To Drink Bad Wine" Château Lagrange Grand Cru Classé Saint-Julien :. Millésimes :. C