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Dolcetto by Rinaldi

Dolcetto is a delightful wine from Piemonte that can remind you of a Beaujolais from France. Light and easy drinking red, absolutely tannin free and thus perfect for every day drinking with lots of diffrent food including white fish. Excellent dark purple colour with a smell of beetroot, cherries and hints of chocolate. Lots of acidity but nicely balanced with a refreshing taste packed with dark fruit. Serve slightyly chilled to get the right aroma picture. Dolcetto d'Alba "Rousssot" Francesco Rinaldi Medium price (Normally low)

Blind tasting Revheim 16 October 2014

Old coloured wine, tawny like. Smell of old cellar, like an old Bordeaux really. Dusty old sweet cherries on the nose. Nicely balnced wine but perhaps a bit short on the length with no more tannins left and quite an innocent acidity. Still a very nice wine and totally clearly a Bordeaux according to the whole panel. So when did you last mistake a Burgundy for being Bordeaux Parker once asked. The answer is 16 October in this case as the wine is a Beaune Premier cru from the Cent Vignes parcel. Beaune 1er cru Cent Vignes 1997 Beaune Louis Dufouleur Ca 25£ Total score 16.20 Second wine very similar to the first but with much more acidity and fruit to it. The colour was deeper red and younger. Nose was packed with red fruit. Smooth and quit a long balanced aftertaste. A much nicer wine and some debate in the panel as to where. In fact same producer same plot justa 2003 vintage. Which in itself is a bit surprising as the acity is very pronounced and for 2003 (warm

No Name

Borgogno did not get this wine classified as a Barolo for some obscure reasons so he decided to call it "No Name" as a protest. Quite a groovy protest in a way as this is a classy Barolo from among others the Cannubi and Fossati plots in Barolo. Lovely medium dark colour. Great smell of rose, wood, red fruit and flowers. The taste is surprisingly balanced with lots of fruit and a long dry aftertaste. Great wine despite no name. No Name Borgogno Barolo Ca 25€ or 270 NOK

Bourgogne Vezelay 2012

This is a delightful generic white Burgundy from Domaine La Croix Montjoie. Discrete nose of lime and butter and a taste that is well balanced and fresh without too much oak. The wine is reasonable priced as well and has as such a very good quality price ratio. Domaine La Croix Montjoie 2012 Bourgogne Vezelay  Low price

Fontanabianca Barbaresco

This is a very approachable and drinkable Barbaresco even in younger vintages. It is reasonably priced as well. The nose is packed with warm dark fruit, plum and spices. The  dry fruit seems to be absent. The taste is big with from tannins and also a warm round fruity finish which is quite surprising for Barbaresco. Not a very advanced Barbaresco, but a very easy drinking one. Barbaresco 2012 Fontanabianca Medium price (ca 250kr)