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Mosbacher Riesling 2015 Buntsandstein

German Riesling comes in many different styles pending on area and sugar level. Trocken (dry) is the dry version often with lots of  fruit and a crisp acidity. Mosbacher, producer in Pfalz in Germany, has many different styles based on the geographical location of the vines. This one is from Wachenheimer with a special sandy soil. At first a very petroleum like smell, maybe from the skins of the grapes in a warm vintage? but the day after that had gone and it was more towards ripe apples, flowers and tropical fruit. The taste is beautifully balanced with lots of fruit and perfect acidity. Slightly high in sugar (just below 9g/l). Lovely wine that can be used as an aperitif or with white meat, fish and certain spicy foods. Georg Mosbacher Riesling 2015 Bundsandstein, Wachenheimer Ca 240 NOK or 14€

Chasse-Spleen 2015

Chasse-Spleen is one of my favourite Bordeaux wines from Medoc. Thanks to being a cru Bourgeois the price is more affordable than the Grand cru classes. This does not mean that the quality is any less than many GCC. The price is still high but this is one of for your cellar. The mix is 50% Cabernet and 42% Merlot with the rest being Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. Dark red colour with purple rim. A bit closed on the nose with red and dark fruit. Firm and solid taste with high tannins. Needs time to open. Drinking window ca 10 years from now. Chasse Spleen 2015 Moulis Ca 30-40€ or 550NOK

Barbera d’Alba 2015 by Franco Conterno

Conterno is well known family name in Piemonte. Franco Conterno, however, is a "manager" that is new to me but having tried this Barbera several times lately I know I need to try more of his wines. There are many Barbera on the market but this must surely be one of the best in the ordinary price range. Complex smell of red fruit, dark cherries, spices and hint of chocolate. The taste is very smooth and fruity with a beautiful balance. The acidity is perhaps on the low side for being Barbera. The grapes have been destemmded and spent some time in 225l oak before bottling. The wine will go with many different dishes. Barbera d'Alba Superiore 2015 Franco Conterno Ca 14€ or 200 NOK