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Volnay 1er cru "Santenots" 2006 by Nicolas Rossignol

Rossignol's style is based upon on firm well wines with perfect adjusted acidity. This one as well. A premier cru of wonderful quality and balance. Raspberries and dark berries, leather and oak on the nose. A big solid wine, very firm, structured and correct in style and taste.  A wonderful Volnay. Volnay 1er cru "Santenots"2006 by Nicolas Rossignol. High price 30-40€, but worth it.

Jackson Estate Pinot Noir 2009

Found this Pinot Noir by Jackson Estate in the local wine shop. New Zealand well recognised for its Sauvignon Blanc (Jackson Estate has a very good one indeed) also can produce impressive Pinot Noir. Cool climate perhaps but this Pinot Noir has 14,5% alcohol which is a lot. However seductive sweet dark cherries and chocolate on the nose and a very nice fruity well balanced taste. Although slightly too warm due to the alcohol. To be served slightly chilled. Jackson Estate Pinot Noir 2009, lovely Pinot from down under. 30€ . 

Allesverloeren Touriga Nacional, South Africa

Tourigo Nacional is a grape normally used to make port wine but Allesverloeren has made this red wine which is very good value for money. Nice ruby colour with fine smell of blackcurrant and spices. The taste is warm, smooth and well balanced. Medium to full bodied. Goes with duck, lamb and beef. Allesverloeren Touriga Nacional, South Africa, Low price 135, P+

Minuty, Cotes de Provence

Minuty makes several different wines with Ch Minuty as the main one and Ch Bailly as their second wine. Both are lovely fruity rose wines with a nice minerality. Bone dry wines, perfect in hot weather and on the terrace or in the garden.. Widely available with prices ranging from 10 to 13 € for the Minuty and around 7-8 € for the Ch Bailly. Ch Minuty, Cotes de Provence, low price around 10€, sunny sunny must be funny....

Wolf Blass Gold Label Shiraz

Found this in the taxfree the other day. Packed with fruit and vanilla. This is a full bodied Shiraz that is crying out for steaks and BBQ. Warm and fruity stuff from the Barossa Valley. Wolf Blass Gold Label Shiraz, Barossa Valley, low price range but full bodied wine.

Baron de Ley, Rioja Spain

Had this Spanish white wine during the quarter final in the cup the other day. I was pleasantly surprised both by the wine and the result. This white wine from Rioja is quite refreshing and not too "warm" with a nice acidity and good fruity taste. Straw colour and nice flowery bouqet. The grape is the local white called Viura. Baron de Ley 2010, Rioja, low price 126, surprisingly good value for money

Dolcetto d'Alba by Rinaldi

This is a wonderful Dolcetto d'Alba from Rinaldi. It has a lovely dense purple colour and is packed with dark cherries. Great acidity and a juicy soft elegant taste. This is really Rolls Royce Dolcetto! Dolcetto does not get better than this. Personally I prefer Dolcetto served slightly chilled (straight from fridge works well if u give it some minutes in the glass). Goes well with pasta, fish and dark bird and is perfect for hot summer days in the garden... Dolcetto d'Alba, Rinaldi 15€ or 220NOK, probably one of the best Dolcetto's around.

Condrieu 2009 by Guigal

Classical Condrieu (100% Viognier) packed with lots of "golden" flavours! Peach, flowers, anis and hint of wood on the nose. Great "heavy" white with medium acidity and a "creamy" finish. Great length and warm undertones as well. Lovely stuff, but needs to be served cold.... Condrieu 2009, Guigal, Price 30€, magical stuff especially with 24 months old Comte.....