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Condrieu 2011

Looking for a special white wine? A white that is full bodied with lots of fruit and flavours? In Condrieu, which is a small area north in the Rhone valley, they produce delicious and rare white wines based on the grape called Viognier. The result is highly aromatic wines like this one from Andre Perret. Peach, melon, apricot and white flowers on the nose. Super delicious smell that can be a bit overwhelming for some people. The full bodied taste can remind one of Chardonnay but the fruit and lower acidity suggest otherwise. Even though the wine is dry it can appear to be sweet due to the fruitiness and dramatic aroma picture. The wine goes well with fish, spicy and Asian food. The production is limited and prices are high. If you buy a bottle then use a big wine glass as well to sense all the flavours!

Mauro 2010

This is a very big and robust wine from a small region in Ribeira del Duero in Spain. The combination of 90% Tempranillo and some Syrah has created a wine with lots of  structure and a big solid taste. The bouquet is just wonderful with dark fruit, chocolate and some tobacco. The aftertaste is long and fruity with a wonderful balance. A very elegant red that can withstand all type of meat, cheese and is probably perfect with BBQ. The price is around 25€ or ca 300NOK.

Copain 2010 Pinot Noir Monument Tree

This is a magical Pinot Noir by Copain in California. Copain has many different Pinot's from different regions and this from Anderson valley is just pure silk. 6 years in the bottle has smoothened the wine without losing structure and acidity. On the nose it is packed with attractive and slightly sweet red fruit, but the taste is what makes this a top wine; Super smooth with silky tannins all the way. Silky long aftertaste and a wonderful balance. Just stunning! The price has increased lately due to increased demand and exchange rate effects. Expect to pay around 40-60$ pending on location.

Corton Charlemagne 2013

This is the "ultimum" white wine. It has everything you can imagine ; a lovely and complex bouquet, a gorgeous and delicate taste and a very long finish. Although it's very young (2013) it opens up perfectly  in a Burgundy glass and if you drink it at around 10-12c it will reveal all it's flavours and complexity. Expect to pay 60-100€ for such delicious white wine which is expensive but it's pure magic in the glass! Lequin-Colin has many different white Burgundies and is normally a safe bet in the wine shop.

Haut Bailly 1998

The label is somewhat ruined thanks to the humidity in my cave in Paris. But the cave has perfect storage conditions something which is proven by this 1998 Haut-Bailly from Pessac Leognan in Bordeaux. Medium dark red colour with a surprisingly red rim. The wine has a lovely bouquet of red fruit, old cellar, leather and cigar. A typical  Bordeaux nose of the very attractive kind. In the mouth it is beautifully balanced with lots of structure but very smooth and elegant tannins. It's drinking perfectly now and compared today's prices for this Chateau which are close to 100€ the original costs for this bottle was a pure bargain.

Prado Enea 2006

I had the 2005 not very long ago so I decided to buy a six pack of the 2006 as there was no more 2005 in the shops. This is the flagship of Muga in Rioja and the 2006 is just as  dark as the 2005 with  a gorgeous smell  of dark fruit, spices, tobacco and wood. The 2006 taste is just as big, solid, and packed with fruit and delicious tannins. Great balance and a very long we'll balanced aftertaste. Stunning dense wine. The wine can be drunk now but can still develop and  mature for at least ten more years. One of the best Riojas that I have ever tasted. A truly great wine!!! Prado Enea 2006 Rioja Ca 30€ or 370kr

Wine joke

This was just brilliant...