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Chambolle Musigny 2011 by Patrice Rion

This is wine number 1000 on this blog and the choice of wine number 1000 is not accidental. Chambolle Musigny by Rion is a pure meditation wine with a silky texture and balance that must be experienced in order to understand what the fuzz is all about. I have tried all the Chambolle Musigny's by Patrice Rion since the 2006 and every vintage has been of great quality. The purity, balance, smoothness and delightful taste is just amazing. The wine is so delicate that it is difficult to recommend any food with it and that's why it's for me a pure meditation wine. Serve slightly chilled in a big glass, lean back in the chair or sofa and just enjoy; sip after sip.... Stunning stuff for 39€. Wine does not get better than this, just more expensive.....

Saint Aubin 2014 Pierre Yves Colin Morey

The 2014 vintage is out and let it be said that the hail storms might have impacted the quantity but certainly not the quality of the wines in Burgundy. Perfect pale yellow green colour with a delicious smell of lime, spices, flowers and minerals. Super velvet fruit and ever so delightful to drink. Perfect harmony! Got this bottle in Paris in one of the many over expensive but oh so wonderful food shops. The price for this bottle was however reasonable... Saint-Aubin 2014 Le Banc Pierre Yves Colin Morey Ca 30€

Saint Aubin 2011 En Remilly

There is nothing better than a decent bottle of Saint Aubin when the weather is warm and sunny. It gets even better when it's a premier cru called En Remilly which in my opinion is one of the best in Saint Aubin. Lovely smell of lime, butter and white flowers. Delicious dense, fruity and firm-structured taste with a great balance and length. It's a perfect white wine and the colour is just like reflections of the sun... It goes well with white fish (both lean and fat types) and also with asian food and poultry. Situated between the two Montrachet, Saint Aubin provides good value for money. Saint Aubin 2011 En Remilly Ch. Puligny Montrachet Ca 40€

Ch.Chasse-Spleen 2004

The 2004 Bordeaux is an underrated vintage both in terms quality and price. It's a cooler vintage than the very warm 2003 and it's much cheaper than the very expensive 2005.  It can also still keep for a long time as its drinking beautifully right now. Chasse Spleen is also one of the best and consistent cru Bourgeois and it outperforms many Grand cru classe both on quality and price. So basically the 2004 Chasse Spleen is a bargain when compared to the outrageous prices one must pay for Bordeaux wines from 2005 and onwards. The wine is dark red with a red rim, not much sign of ageing. Delicious nose of dark fruit, cellar, tobacco and leather. The taste is beautifully balanced with firm, but soft tannins. It's a lovely structured wine with a medium to long aftertaste. Try with meat and cheesier on it's own. Ch. Chasse Spleen 2004 Moulis, Bordeaux Ca 25€

Cote Rotie 2007 by Ogier

This is 100% Syrah with perhaps a bit of Viognier in it as well. The wine is dark, dense and delicious. Packed with dark fruit and very smooth tannins. It´s drinking wonderfully right now and should go well with pepper steak, game as well as cheese. Cote Rotie is in the very northern part of the Rhone valley and provides wines that are easy to drink when young as well as older. Due to the marginal production, the steep hills and the demand, the prices are normally high. Cote Rotie 2007 Ogier Ca 35€