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Ch. Montrose 2004 Saint Estephe

This is one of the top stars in Saint-Estephe in Medoc (second grand cru 1855). It makes roughly 340 000 bottles a year based upon 65% Cabernet Sauvignon some 25% Merlot and the rest Cabernet Franc. To get the top bottles the price is around 40 to 50€ (pending on vintage and how old when you buy it) while the second wine La Dame de Montrose costs around 15€. Over the weekend we tasted the Montrose and the second wine both from the 2004 vintage. Both possessed deep deep red colour. The Montrose had a discrete smell of blackcurrant and sweet spices while La Dame was heading more towards delicate pencil sharpenings.   On the taste the La Dame was smooth with a medium body while the Montrose was bigger, firm soft tannins and with a much longer aftertaste. The Montrose is undoubtedly a big great wine, but so is the price. Around 18 points score for 40€ gives it a P score while La Dame at around 17 point score would get a P+ and definite BUY score if you get it for less than 20€. This