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Condado de Haza 2009, Ribera del Duero

This is just a super lovely red from Ribera del Duero in Spain. Dark red colour with purple rim. Packed with dark fruit like brambles, a bit of coffee and chocolate. Full bodied fruity taste with a lovely balance. Very drinkable with soft tannins. Great stuff! Condado de Haza 2009 Ribera del Duero, Medium price Goes with red meat , cheese or game

Barolo Cannubi by Damilano

This is a Barolo from one of the top plots which is called "Cannubi". The wine is surprisingly forthcoming to be such a young Barolo. Cherries, plums, tobacco and hint of liquerice on the nose. The taste is surprisingly smooth with well integrated tannins. It's of course a big wine but less rustic than many other Barolo. But careful it carries a massive 15% alcohol! Barolo "Cannubi" 2008 Damilano, Ca 25€ Should go well with game

Blindtasting Oct 13 Wine # 1

A long time since the last blind tasting, but that has not affected the panel anything. This is a Pinot Noir from down under was quite rapidly the general opinion to great surprise by the host. Medium red colour with purple rim and with a gorgeous bouquet of red fruit, vanilla and chocolate. The taste was ever so seductive and well balanced. Super easy to drink with smooth sexy tannins. Felton Road "Cornish Point" Pinot Noir 2011 Central Otago, New Zealand Score 17.30  Ca 40£

Blindtasting Oct 2013 Wine # 2

The panel continued their parade march and after some deliberations, it was concluded that was a new world Cabernet Sauvignon…. Deep dark red colour and a compact and attractive smell of dark berries. Yet another smooth taste, but this time bigger and more solid with some soft tannins. The aftertaste was somewhat "warm" indicating high alcohol and supporting the warm climate theory. Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 by Oatley Margaret River, Australia Score 18.10 Ca 160 NOK (very good quality price ratio)

Blind tasting Oct 13 Wine # 3

The panel being over confidence proclaimed this dark red wine with purple rim and a big spicy blackberry smell to be a warm climate Shiraz. Of course we were finally wrong…. It was however a super lovely big wine with quite a mouthful and firm but soft tannins. Long aftertaste and beautifully balanced. Yet again a really nice wine. The answer though….was 100% Tempranillo from a small area called Toro in Spain... Nymanthia 2009, Toro in Spain Score 18.50 Ca 45£ ( a bargain)

Blind tasting Oct 13 Wine # 4

OK the panel back in business! This is Bordeaux and no question about that…. Medium deep red colour and an overwhelming bouquet of pencil sharpener and some dried fruit. A dry complex taste that is long and well balanced although some more fruit would have been appreciated (spoilt by the three others..) Not on the east side but something like St.Julien or something… Ch. Gruaud Larose 2000 St.Julien Score 18.55 (how fitting…) High price...

Meursault 1er cru Genevrieres 2007

Had this wine at the Nero restaurant in Stavanger. Pale lemon green colour. A great delicate bouquet of lime, butter and minerals. Super balanced fruity taste with an elegant finish that just goes on and on. A truly lovely white Burgundy! Bring on the lobster….. Meursault 1er cru Genevrieres Domaine Michelot Ca 30-40€ Just buy!!

Villa de Curollon 2007

Another wine from the small district of Bierzo in Spain. Main grape is Mencia and the wine is a bit like a Pinot Noir although it is probably connect to Cabernet Franc. Refreshing smell of redcurrant, violet and minerals. Lively taste with apparent acidity and balance and medium body. Tax free price about 200NOK, well worth it because the overall quality is very good. Villa de Curollon 2007 Bierzo, Spain Lovely wine from a unknown area....

Faustino I 1999

Mainstream producer but fi you keep the Gran Reseerva long enough you are in for a treat! Seductive vanilla and red fruit flavors and a great balanced full bodied taste. Rioja is lamb wine but when older and the tannins have smoothened it can easily take some less fat food or be drank on its own. Faustino I, Gran Reserva 1999 Rioja Have patience....

Felton Road Pinot Noir 2011

This Pinot Noir from New Zealand and Central Otago is of stunning quality. Packed with red fruit, cherries, spices and pomegranate. A wonderful velvety and super balanced taste filled with fruit and great balance. Absolutely lovely stuff! Felton Road Pinot Noir 2011 Central Otago , New Zealand Expensive but ah so lovely

Petalos Bierzo

Just back from a week in Barcelona and brought this bottle from Bierzo wine district with us home. Main red grape in Bierzo is Mancia which produces wine closer to Burgundy than Bordeaux in quality. The climate is close to continental but the grapes are grown in 5-600 meters altitude which gives some the rest to the grapes during the nights.... Nice purple colour with a bouquet packed with raspberries and strawberries. The taste is medium body with a crisp acidity but an overall nice balance. Soft tannins and a fruity complex finish. Petalos, Bierzo 2011 110 kr taxfree otherwise 220 Quite different from main stream grapes....

Dead Arm Shiraz

The Dead Arm Shiraz is one of my favourite Australian Shiraz. The increased popularity has also increased the price but it is still good value for money. In addition it can survive years for storage which will only smoothen the wine further. Served this one with filet of reindeer with a redwine-sauce and he combination was just superb thanks to the tender meat and the beautiful fruit of the wine. Black fruit, plum and some spice on the nose. Dark cherries, plum, licorice and spice on the palate. Big, solid and smooth taste with well integrated tannins. Dead Arm Shiraz 2008 McClaren Vale At least one side of the vine is growing grapes....

Vosne-Romanee 1er cru 2002

Les Suchots is a premier cru close to grand cru in quality. I was not sure about the 2002 vintage, but it turned out to be just brilliant. Super delicious ethereal perfume and a mouthful so delicate and subtle that it takes your breath away. It's not a big red , but more on the feminine side.... Confuron-Cotetidot is a producer I have never heard about before, but worth remembering. Vosne-Romanee 1er cru Les Suchot Confuron-Cotetidot Hipp hurra for 28-50 Wine Workshop and Kitchen | Restaurant and Bar Marylebone, Mayfair, Fetter Lane London

Andromeda 2008

This is a beast of a Pinot Noir from the unknown area of Marin County, California. The winemaker however is well known for wines of extreme quality, most of them mixed in the back yard of his farm. Sean Thackrey creates wines that are good to drink; as simple as that. The bouquet is very elegant and packed with red fruit, jam and pomegranate. Lovely seductive stuff! The massive taste (can it be Pinot?) has a perfect balance and is wonderfully smooth. Lots of jammy red fruit, but not sweet. The alcohol content is a bit on the high side: 14%+... Andromeda Pinot Noir Marin County, California Sean Thackrey Massive Pinot + high price...

Chateau de la Tour

It's really hard to understand how Clos-Vougeot how can be so different from it's neighbours Chambolle and Vosne-Romanee. The two express grace and velvety finesse, while the Clos is most of the time a massive Pinot beast with firm tannins and big acidity. Hmm.. This Clos as well; Great dark red fruit with a massive big, firm and acidic taste that takes your breath away and you wonder: how can this be a Pinot Noir? Anyway a truly great wine and a perfect balance, but it's so solid and big! Clos de Vougeot 2000 Ch de la Tour Grand cru Not cheap at all...