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Tros de Clos 2011

This is just a fantastic wine that I had with an entrecote the other day. 100% Carignan and super dark and complex wine. The producer Alfredo Arribas has made a wonderful dense wine. The production is limited to less than 2000 bottles. Deep dark colour and purple rim. Complex and attractive nose of dark fruit, leather, forrest, dark small berries (krekling). The taste is filled with fruit like dark berries and black currant. Big and long finish. Nice acidity and soft integrated tannins. A truly great wine with lovely balance. Tros de Clos 2011 Priorat 500NOK or 50€

Puligny Montrachet 2011

Could not resist opening this one down at the cabin on a sunny summer day. Colin-Morey has an impressive list of white wines and this one is no exception. Wonderful and elegant nose with discrete lime, butter, herbs, oak and apples. The taste is so balanced, long and vivid that it is just shocking. A truly great wine and the biggest probelm is that the bottle seems to empty way too fast and that there are limited bottles to be obtained. Puligny Montrachet Les Champs Gain 2011 Pierre Yves Colin Morey Ca 50€


This is super elegant Condrieu by Ogier. The Viognier grape (100%) can be a bit too much some times when mixed heavily with oak, but this one is just perfect. The nose is a bit white Burgundy like but with tones of more tropical fruit than lime or sitrus. Discrete and delicious. The taste is like a fullbodied white, packed with fruit and flavours like white peach and more tropical flavours. Lovely balance and great acidity. This is perfect with asian food or seafood. Condrieu 2010 Ogier Ca 35€

Henriot 2002

The 2002 vintage in Champagne is classic one in line with 1995, 1990, 1989 and 1988. This 2002 by Henriot is available in France for around 40€ which is not a bad price at all for good vintage Champagne. Pale yellow colour with apple and citrus notes on the nose. Fresh, sharp and nice mineral taste. Needs perhaps a bit more time to open up. Henriot 2002 Ca 40€

Henriot 1996

A nearly 20 year old Champagne which is drinking beautifull right now! Medium yellow colour with small bubbles. Notes of sherry on the nose with toast and yeast. Beautifully balanced taste with a nice minerality and a long aftertaste. A very nice vintage Champagne which is reasonably priced compared to other houses. Henriot 1996 Ca 40€

Saint Aubin 1er cru En Remilly 2007

One of the top plots in Saint-Aubin and one of the best producers, then it just has to be right! Pale yellow colour with hint of green. Super delicious smell of ripe tropical fruit, lime, spicy oak and butter. Great fruity complex taste which is drinking perfectly now. Unfortuntaley this was the last bottle.... A very good white Burgundy indeed. Saint-Aubin 1er cru En Remilly 2007 Hobert Lamy Ca 35€

Beaune 1er cru Bressandes 2012

Another of my Beaune 1er cru favourites. This one has more strawberry flavours with crushed black pepper and some chocolate on the nose. Delicious. Lovely balanced taste with some firm but smooth tannins. Elegant and smooth. Will improve over the next couple of years. Beaune Bressandes 2012 Albert Morot Ca 27€

Beaune 1er cru Cent Vignes 2012

Cent-Vignes is one of my favourite plots in Beaune and the 2012 vintage is no exception. It's interesting to see the difference between the different premier cru plots in Beaune. Same producer, same year, just a a different piece of earth. The Cent Vignes is dominated by dark fruit with lots of black pepper and smoke. The palate is strcutured, elegant, smooth with a lovely balance and acidity. A young wine with lots of potential and could easily be kept for 5 years. Beaune "Cent-Vignes" 2012 Albert Morot Ca 27€

Beaune 1er cru 2012

These two premier cru plots are not too far from each other in Beaune. Both medium red colour. The Toussaints has strawberries and crushed black pepper on the nose with some smoke and wet earth. The Teurons darker fruit but with the same pepper smell. Both of them have an elegant, soft and attractive taste which is long and well balanced aftertaste. Albert Morot produces very elegant Beaune 1er crus and the quality price ratio is favourable in todays market.  Beaune 1er cru Teurons and Toussaints 2012 Albert Morot Ca 27€

Nuits St.George 2011 Clos des Argillieres

Rion has quite a nice selection of Burgundies and this one is yet another of my favourites. Deep red colour with purple rim. Lots of attractive dark and sweet berries , with hints of chocolate, coffee and some pepper. A big solid wine with soft and elegant  tannins and lots of fruit. A great wine. Nuits St.George 2011 Clos des Argillieres Patrice Rion Ca 43€

Chambolle Musigny 2011 premier cru "les Charmes" by Patrice Rion

It's a bit early drinking the 2011 Charmes right now because the 2004 which I still have some left of is drinking perfectly right now. Very similar smell to the Chambolle Musigny village wine from the same year but more complex nose with sweet red fruit and chocolate. Shockingly nice and complex taste with firm but soft tannins. A great wine that can easily be stored 5 more years and be even better then. The only problem with wines from Patrice Rion is that bottles seems to empty way too quickly... Chambole Musigny 1er cru Les Charmes 2011 Patrice Rion Ca 40€  

Chambolle Musigny 2011

Crisis what Crisis! This is the last bottle of the 2011 Chambolle by Patrice Rion. Having bought a case of all his vintages since 2006 it is hard to believe how fast a case disappears and the consistent quality of these wines. Lovely sweet red fruit on the nose with some smoke, chocolate and earthy flavours. Very decadent and elegant as always. A superb delicate taste with an elegant long soft stunning balanced aftertaste. Wine does not get very much better than this just more expensive! Pls Patrice just send send some more cases...!! Chambolle Musigny 2011 Patrice Rion Ca 30€

Launois 2006 BdB

I found this special club edition at the local wine shop. Not too pricy to be a vinatge Champagne but then again Launois is more reasonable than many other producers. Medium straw colour and with small bubbles, all gathering nicely in the middle. Perfect start. Lovely nose of yeasty flavours, apple and sitrus fruit. On the palate it is very rich with lots of fruit, a bit nutty with hints of orangepeels. A very decent Champagne based upon 100% Chardonnay.

Clos Saint Denis Grand cru 2012 Domaine Bertagna

I bought this wine at the Domaine in April this year. Deep dark red colour with purple rim. Not a very typical Pinot nose as the dominant bouquet is made up of cassis, dark and red berries, smoke, coffee and chocolate. Very nice indeed. The taste is enormously structured with lots of finesse, packed with firm and elegant tannins. Super delicious Pinot with lots of weight. A big and massive wine that require more time to develop. Clos Saint Denis Grand cru 2012 Domaine Bertagna Ca 60€ (I seem to remember...)

Puligny Montrachet 2009 by Leflaive

There is not much to say about this white Burgundy by Domaine Leflaive apart from the fact that it is absolute fantastic. A glorious wine in all respect with a balance and taste that is close to perfection. Stunning stuff! There is nothing in the white wine world close to whiet Burgundy, especially if it is made by Leflaive. Puligny Montrachet 2011 Domaine Leflaive Ca 50€