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Wine joke

Clos la Gaffeliere 2015

Bordeaux 2015 vintage is on the market and what is surprising with this vintage is the smooth and silky tannins. Especially if you go for a Merlot dominated version. Clos la Gaffeliere is one of the more reasonable grand cru from St.Emilion and it is widely available in shops and wine merchants. It's supersmooth and packed with dark fruit and plum and with a great balanced taste. Full bodied wine at this stage. Can be kept for 10-15 years without a problem. Lovely wine. Clos la Gaffeliere 2015 St.Emilion Ca 22-28€  La Gaffeliere is about 5€ more expensive and 680 NOKin Norway.

Bourgogne 2015 by Ghislaine Barthod

As we all know from recent football events- it's all about the manager. And this is especially true in Burgundy where you can have many different managers making wine from the same terroir and yet the wines are all slightly different. This is a contradiction in itself cause if the terroir theory was correct they should all make the same wines, but they do not. So it's all down to grape selection, fermentation process and temperature, pressing, free run juice, use oak and which type of oak etc etc Ghislaine took over from her father in 1990 and has established herself as a top producer (manager) in Burgundy. Her wines are not the cheapest but it is certainly among the very best. The generic Bourgogne rouge from 2015 is made mostly from grapes from a plot called Bons Batons near the town of Gilly les Citeaux. In the favourable year of 2015 it is a very decent wine close to village standard. Beautiful red fruit, flowers, earth, cherries and pepper on the nose. A very n

Meursault 2017

This is a stunning white Burgundy from Meursault and its from 2017. I came across this wine during a wine festival in Oslo and it really stood out according to my taste. Delightful nose of yellow apples. lime, honey and spices. A taste that is super balanced with a delicate long finish. Outstanding wine and just very very smooth and light. Heitz Lochardet is an unknown producer to me but I really need to know about the wines from this one. Meursault La Barre 2017 Heitz Lochardet ca 40€ or 500 NOK Wine does not get better than this just more expensive!