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Ch. Branaire-Ducru 2004 - St.Julien tasting September 2014

The first wine at the St.Julien wine tasting. Sorry for the label as this one comes from the cave in Paris where the humidity is just a bit too much. Branaire-Ducru is a small St.Julien Chateaux with the aim to produce fruity and fresh wines with finesse. 2004 is a very drinkable vintage right now and this as well. Straight forward nose with red fruit, some cedar and oak. A del balanced taste with a nice acidity. Not a big wine but it provides a nice enough experience for around 30-35€. Ch. Branaire-Ducru 2004 St.Julien

Clos du Marquis 2004- St.Julien tasting September 2014

The second wine of the tasting as well as the second wine of Leoville-Lascases. This also from 2004. A very dark purple colour and a much more complex nose and taste as compared to the Brainaire-Ducru. Delightful smell of dark, fruit, hint of cedar, spice and some pencil case. Big, complex, delightfully balanced with firm soft tannins. A great acidity as well. A lovely wine! Clos du Marquis 2004 St.Julien

Clos du Marquis 1996 - St.Julien tasting September 2014

I have had this one for some time in the cellar and now it was time to compare it to the 2004. A very surprising dark colour with very limited sign of aging. Lovely complex "Bordeaux" nose with a brilliant long taste and great smooth tannins. A delightful wine with a lovely acidity, fruit and balance. Very good value for money and a great Bordeaux which is still young. Clos du Marquis 1996 Saint-Julien

Ch. Leoville-Poyferre 2007 - St.Julien tasting September 2014

Ch. Leoville Poyferre is a 2nd Grand Cru classee which is often more reasonably priced than it's neighbours. Two thirds of the terroir is of exceptional quality opposite those of Leoville Lascases. Again a dark colour and a complex delightful Bordeaux nose filled with red fruit, blackcurrant, coffee and mocca. The taste was also well balanced with a nice acidity although it was somewhat short which can be caused by the vintage. 2007 is not the best vintage around. A great wine anyway. Ch.Leoville Poyferre 2007 Saint-Julien High price

Ch. Leoville-Poyferre 1995 - St.Julien tasting September 2014

Oh what a wine! We are getting close to heaven I think. Delicate, complex and wonderful Bordeaux nose. Lots of fruit, cedar, tobacco and coffee. Old cellar. Lovely. The taste is big, subtle, beautifully balanced, long and ever so smooth. Incredible really! How are any of the remaining wines going to match this ? Ch. Leoville Poyferre 1995 St.Julien High price ca 150€

Leoville Lascases 1985 - St.Julien tasting September 2014

So we decided to start with the 1985 and take the 1989 at the end. The 1985 was just fantastic. The nose was super elegant with all the complexities of  Bordeaux. More old cellar and wet wool type aromas, but ever so good and heavenly. The taste was just enormous with an incredible balance and length. It's definitely at peak right now and will not get better through further storage. A truly great wine. Massive stuff!!! Leoville Lascases 1985 St. Julien Very high price

Leoville Lascases 1989 - St.Julien tasting September 2014

The last wine of the tasting and what a wine! I thought it was going to be tough to surpass the Poyferre 1995 and then the 1985 Lascases, but this was like the 1985 but with more energy and power. Same complex nose, but the taste has more energy and power due to more tannins being present in the wine. Gourgeous wine with a massive long and elegant taste that goes on for ever. A wine that can be kept for another 5-10 years. Leoville Lascases 1989 St. Julien Very high price

Saint Aubin 1er cru Les Creots 2011

What can I say? I managed to get hold of a case of different white Burgundies produced by my new favourite white wine producer called Pierre Yves Colin Morey. I have yet to taste any wines from this guy that is not fantastic. Even the lesser AOC's turns out to be stunning. This guy is a perfectionist and I just love it. This premier cru St.Aubin from the plot Les Creots has a pale yellow green colour and a lovely nose of lime, butter and some spicyness. The taste is just sublime with a wonderful, just wonderful balance and complexity. The wines spend a good time on their lees and maybe that's the reason for the balanced acidity. I dont't know , I just know that it is a truly truly a great wine! Saint-Aubin 2011 Les Creots Premier cru  Colin-Morey High price

Alion 2009

This is a serious wine from Ribera del Duero in Spain. It's dark as the nights in north Norway during winter, but so warm and tasty as Provence in summer. Very pure nose mixed with red and dark fruit, plums, spices, minerals and some smoke. Delightful full bodied wine with a massive depth and freshness. Big soft tannins and a prolonged aftertaste. A truly delicious wine! Alion 2009 Ribera del Duero High price

Anjou Blanc 2012

Super delicious dry white from Anjou based on Chenin Blanc. Very fruity taste and an extreme acidity. Sweet stone fruit on the nose. Great balanced wine with a nice minerality. Food is required though. Anjou Blanc 2012 Thibaud Boudignon  Medium price

Cono Sur- Pinot Noir -2013- Casablanca Chile

This is a delightful Pinot from the valley of Casablanca in Chile. Ripe red fruit and an elegant acidity and velvety finish. Not bad at all. Chile is up and coming with many different grape varieties and could perhaps compete with New Zealand when it comes to Pinot. Cono Sur Pinot Noir 2013 Casablance, Chile Low price

Chivite 2008 - Navarra

This is another surprisingly nice white from Spain. Navarra is normally warm but parts towards the west has influence from the Atlantic. This specially designed white based on 100% Chardonnay has spent 12 months on the lees and spent 39 months in French oak. Pale yellow colour and white Burgundy aromas like hazelnut, lime and almonds. Fullbodied taste and a very elegant acidity. A very good white indeed. Chivite Bianco 2008, Navarra Medium price

Pinot Noir from Sicily

This is very reasonable Pinot Noir from Sicily. It's not like a red Burgundy, so if it is that you expect then this is not the wine for you. It's got a nice black currant dominated nose with a fruity, smooth and silky taste. Light bodied wine with a firm acidity. Pinot Noir is an unusual grape on Sicily and the wine is thus an IGT. Boccantino Pinot Noir  Sicily IGT Low price

Auxey-Duresses 2008 by Colin-Morey

Colin-Morey white wines are just incredible. The wines are extremely drinkable wherever in Burgundy they come from. This one as well. Auxey-Duresses is not the most well known white wine area in Burgundy, but Colin-Morey has managed yet again to make an exceptional wine. I had this in London at the wine bar 28-50 and it was just gorgeous. Lime, butter and a great minerality and a just wonderfully balanced taste. Seductive wine, meditation wine really.

Ch.Moulinet 2009- Pomerol

Oh what a lovely Pomerol! Dark colour, dark fruit and packed with tobacco, coffee and dark chocolate. Big full bodied and mega smooth taste. Pure velvet! A great wine and drinking very well now. Ripe delightful tannins. 2009 is a great, but pricy vintage. Available among others at a tiny resto in Paris 7 called H.Kitchen. Delightful tiny place, but a gorgeous wine list. Ch. Moulinet 2009 Pomerol High price

Bodega Maranones 2012 - Albillo

This is an unusual white from an area nearby Madrid and it is  based on a grape called Albillo. The single plot is named Piesdescalzos (barefoot) in recognition to an old vine grower who used to work there ….barefoot. The altitude is 750m and the soil is granite. The wine is thus packed with minerals and stone fruit (coincidence..!). Great balance and massive fruit. Slightly warm aftertaste due to the 14 alcohol. Only approx 1400 bottles Bodega Maranones Albillo 2012 Piesdescalzos Madrid


Wine exploration continues and this time a white wine from the island of Ischia just outside Napoli. The weather is still fantastically warm and sunny for being September and this white was just perfect on the terrace after work. The grape is Biancolella and has great acidity despite being from such a warm climate. Great stone fruit on the nose as well as white flowers. A very fresh and lively white wine. Tenuta Frassitelli Casa d'Ambra  Ischia Medium price

Itsas Mendi 7

Itsasmendi is a domaine on the Spanish side of the basque region close to the sea. They use local grape varities that most people outside the region have not heard about. The Hondarribi Zuri grape used in this version, has bud break in March, it flowers end of May and is fully ripened by October. Thanks to special conditions close to the Atlantic sea and the 20% Riesling, the wine has a very nice citrus character , hints of grapefruit and white flowers. A well balanced white offering plenty of acidity and elegant taste. Serve with white fish or cheese. Itsasmendi 7 Txakoli Medium price range

Cote de Brouilly 2012

With summer returning for a while, I had to try this Beaujolais from Cote de Brouilly. This is an unusual Beaujolais with much more power and taste than the normal ones. Dark fruit, coffee and wet wool on the nose. Highly unusual stuff for being Gamay grape. Fruity and silky taste. Very good indeed. Serve slightly chilled. Cote de Brouilly 2012 Ch. Thivin Beaujolais Ca 12-15€ or 220 NOK

Chassagne Montrachet 2011 "Les Charrieres" by Lequin-Colin

Wonderful day at the ONS in Stavanger and a bottle of white Burgundy before proceeding to dinner. Pale lime green colour. Lovely citrus fruit with lime and minerals. Great balanced taste with subtle oaky character. A delicious white Burgundy!