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Leoville Las Cases - St.Julien

This is second growth just beside Ch.Latour (Paulliac). It is also one of the three great Leoville; Poyferre, Barton and Las Cases. It is most likely the best St.Julien you can get and probably also the best 2nd growth matching the first growths in quality, style and "vin de garde". With normal prices for Las Cases half of the first growths you get first growths wine for half price thanks to the old fashioned 1855 classification. The property is now close to 100 ha with about 30 000 cases being made. The bouquet is normally very elegant with a silky but very firm texture when mature. The grapes used are normally Cabernet Sauvignon 65%, Merlot 19%, Carbernet Franc 13% and Petit verdot 3%. The 1985, 1988 and 1992 are all drinking well now. Normally this wine would need at least 12 years before being worthwhile opening! The second wine called Clos du Marquis is also probably one of the best second wines yo can get. Some of the latest vintage descriptions (score is always ab

Medoc recommendations - cru bourgeois

The Foire aux vins is not far away (September in most supermarkets and wine merchants). Below is a list of good quality wines at reasonable price for Medoc wine. The prices and score are based upon the 2002, 2003 and 2004 vintages. The 2005 prices should be higher, but so is the quality. The 2005 wines would need 3-4 years (from now) in the cellar before starting to try them. The lesser years like 2002 and 2004 would drink nicely now while the good 2003 might require a bit more time. Ch.Chasse-Spleen, Moulis, ca 20€, BUY Ch. Clarke, Listrac, ca 20€, P(+) Ch. Fourcas Hosten, Listrac, ca 14€, P+ Ch.Gloria, St.Julien, ca 15€, P+ Ch. La Tour de Mons, Margaux, ca 16€, BUY Ch. Larose Perganson, Haut-Medoc, ca 14€, BUY Ch. Les Ormes de Pez, St.Estephe, ca 18€, P+ Ch.Martinens, Margaux, ca 16€, P+ Ch. Maucaillou, Moulis, ca 18€, P+ Ch.Monbrison, Margaux, ca 18€, P+ Ch. Phelan Segur, St.Estephe, ca 17€, BUY Ch. Potensac, Haut-Medoc, ca 15€, P+ Ch. Poujeaux, Moulis, ca 20€, P+ Ch.Siran, Margau

Beaune 1er cru Montrevenots 2005 by Monnier

This Premier cru vineyard was replanted some 15 years ago. Montrevenots is in the very south in Beaune on the border to Pommard. Domaine Monnier has been active since 1720 and produces both white and red Burgundy from their location in Meursault. The Beaune 1er cru Montrevenots is medium dark red wine with nice smell of red berries, hint of wet wool and burnt toast. It has medium body with smooth finish although slightly sharp tannins and acidity in the aftertaste. Beaune 1er cru Montrevenots 2005 by J.Monnier 20 Euro P(+) 16.9 needs more time...

Beaune 1er cru Les Bressandes by Albert Morot

This is one of the top producers of Beaune wine and les Bressandes must be one of the top 1er cru in Beaune. With such a combination you are ensure top quality red and the 2001 we had over the weekend just shows this. Apparantly the 2005 vintage is just fantastic. Albert Morot has old vines (more than 45 years old) and believes in small yields with the grapes 100% destemmed and hand picked. Beaune 1er cru Les Bressandes 2001 is a big fruity seductive smooth perfect balanced wine with a bouqet of red berries, smoke and burnt toast. It is a very good length witha lovely velvety finish. Simply great stuff from Morot who also have many other 1er cru from Beaune. Score 18,2 and a P++

Beaune du Chateau 2005 by Bouchard

This red Premier cru from Burgundy is in fact a blend from several Premier cru vinyards in Beaune. In a way it is like a champagne quality from Beaune. This blend was created in 1907 in order to ensure a constant quality and reflection of the Beaune wines (white and red). We had the Beaune du Chateau 2005 which was wonderful fleshy and seductive taste with firm soft tannins and elegant red berreis and toast on the nose. At 20€ a real bargain for top Burgundy. Score 17,4 just a level below the Clos de la Mousse 2004 by the same producer. Beaune du Château - Bouchard Père et Fils, grands vins de bourgogne depuis 1731