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Dolcetto d'Alba 2013- by Vajra

This is a delightful version of the Dolcetto grape. From two single plots in Barolo called Cote & Fossati. The colour is always dark red with a wonderful purple rim, a bit like blueberry juice. On the nose it is filled with dark fruit, a bit smoky and something acidic, like beetroot in a way. The taste is fresh, juicy, firm with a lovely acidity and medium soft tannins. Quite a long aftertaste and medium body. No oak, just bottle maturation. This is the perfect red wine for warm summer days. Vajra, the producer, is a very reliable manager for Dolcetto, Barbera and Barolo. A name to follow. Dolcetto d'Alba 2013 Coste & Fossati Vajra Piemonte

Chenas 2015 Thillardon

This is a delightful wine from one of the villages in Beaujolais. Thillardon is also one of the many new producers in this region that produce great wines in small quantities and most of all based upon biodynamic principles. Whole cluster fermentation and carbonique maceration which is the traditional method in Beaujolais. 7 months storage with 50% in old oak barrels and the other half in cement tanks. Very fruity and fresh red that can be served slightly chilled. Lots of red fruit and flowers on the nose with some peppery notes. Deliciously fresh with a firm aftertaste. Serve with light meat, salad or cheese. Perfect for lunch. Chenas 2015 Vibrations Domaine Thillardon Ca 15€

Meursault 2013

Two Meursault tried at the same time; both from Domaine Chavy-Chouet, both from 2013. The basic Meursault is the Clos des Corvees de Citeau near the town and the other one of the top Premier cru plots Les Genevrieres. Both with a delicious smell of butter, lime and spices. Perhaps the premier cru was slightly more refined. The taste was beautifully balanced offering great pleasure. The premier cru was pure, elegant and with some mineral notes (0.15 hectare with vines from 1945). De Citeau is 1 ha and has more clay giving a rich and concentrated style. Try with fried or BBQ fish and possibly Brie de Maux (if not too strong) Meursault 2013 by Chavy Chouet Clos des Corvees de Citeau &  Les Genevrieres ca 20-40€

Hail storm in Bordeaux - report by LIVEX

"Earlier this week, parts of Bordeaux were hit with a hail storm, prompting headlines about destruction of the vineyards.  In the post below, Bordeaux grower, winemaker and writer Gavin Quinney ( @GavinQuinney ) puts the extent of the damage in context. We’ve had numerous messages of goodwill from people who have seen the reports of the hail last weekend in Bordeaux. We’re absolutely fine thanks, as on this occasion the hailstorms passed us by. To the north of us, primarily in Bourg and Blaye, and the southern Haut-Médoc, they were not so lucky, and we send our best wishes to our fellow viticulteurs whose vineyards have been damaged. The hailstorm struck on Saturday morning, 26 May, and we had an early warning from friends in the city of Bordeaux with texts and tweets, mostly accompanied by images and videos of hailstones and flooded streets. The hailstorm then moved up towards the Gironde estuary, damaging vines on the left bank around Macau and at the southern end of the Ha

Meursault 2010 Rémi Jobard

A challenge with older white Burgundies are still oxidation. Therefore I have decided not to keep such wines if they are older than 8 years. Last year when I was emptying my stock nearly half of the 2007 and 2008 vintages were oxidised! This one by Remo Jobard from Meursault is drinking beautifully now. Delicious lime, butter, spice, yeast and oak flavours on the nose. Gorgeous balanced taste with a velvety long finish. Perfect meditation wine at the cabin! Meursault "En Luraule" 2010 Remi Jobard 400 NOK or 35€ (much more expensive from 2015+)